Rest Assured….with DevSecOps for APIs..!

How do you integrate API security testing into the development process?
Can you test every build without causing development drag?
Watch this webinar to learn how you can achieve API security testing automation directly into your DevOps or CI/CD pipelines!

Don’t worry, scan API!

Watch Bar Hofesh, NeuraLegion’s CTO, explain how NeuraLegion empowers organizations to scan not only their Web Applications but also their APIs.
In this webinar, Bar also explains how NeuraLegion easily automates API scanning and demonstrates a customer example.

Developer Focused AppSec

Watch Bar Hofesh, NeuraLegion’s CTO, explain how organizations can get compliance on every build by driving collaboration between developers and security experts.

WebApp and API Security Testing in 2020

In this webinar, NeuraLegion’s Chief Scientist will provide a brief intro to Application Security Testing (AST), who uses it, the benefits of AST, and what actually works. This is followed by a discussion about how AI is used in the field of AST and how it helps NeuraLegion modernize AST so it meets the requirements of modern-day organizations.

From Quality Assurance to Security Assurance

As organizations adopt modern development technologies including Microservices, APIs and DevOps & CI/CD practices the old ways to implementing QA and application security no longer work.