Customer Story


Leumit Healthcare implements NexPloit to improve application security at lower cost

The Challenge

To provide the highest level of data protection and application security Leumit utilized penetration testing extensively. In addition to very high costs. this caused significant delays in releasing applications as manual testing could only be conducted late in the development process. Leumit needed to find a way to integrate application security into the SDLC to speed up application deployment while reducing costs.

The Solution

Enter NexPloit ! Leumit integrated NexPloit into their CI/CD framework to enable automated vulnerability testing as part of the SDLC. With this full integration, every new commit invokes NexPloit which runs a focused set of vulnerability tests. This narrows the scope of tests run with each commit and insures NexPloit can be run as part of CI/CD. NexPloit enabled Leumit to run a broad set of vulnerability tests accross web, mobile, and APIs and identify vulnerabilities that were previously not identified by any automated tool. These very quickly remediated by developers who used the clear remediation guidelines provided by NexPloit to solve issues early in the development process.

Impact on the business

The breadth and depth of NexPloit’s scans significantly increased Leumit’s confidence in their DevOps proccesses and their ability to drive continous delivery. All this while reducing the cost of manual penetration testing by more than 50%.

About Leumit Healthcare

Leumit Health Services was established in 1933, and has been a leading Healthcare provider since. We put significant emphasis on health care excellence, service availability and extensive geographical coverage. Among all other Health Care Funds in Israel , Leumit was given the top award for service by The Marker, Israel’s foremost business newspaper. Our commitment to excellence extends to application security and data protection where we adhere to the highest standards.


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