Secure SDLC

Shift Security Left in

Empowering developers with AppSec
testing, not slowing them down

Inadequate scanning tools and manual penetration testing are time-consuming, labour-intensive and costly, delaying applications into production, forcing organisations to release applications without sufficient security testing.

With applications now being the primary attack surface for hackers, a failure to comprehensively test for vulnerabilities results in devastating data breaches. NeuraLegion’s unparalleled detection capabilities significantly reduce the need for manual testing, detecting your 0days and Business Logic Flaws, delivering immediate AppSec testing automation with time and cost savings.

Secured SDLC - Seamlessly Integrated with Your Development Pipelines

Learn how you can easily integrate NeuraLegion’s solutions into your development
pipelines, making your SDLC more secure without changing your development pipelines.