Quality Assurance

Enhance the Value of your QA with Effortless, Automatic, Application Security Testing

QA and security are better together! QA and security teams define nonfunctional requirements that developers need to adhere to.
These nonfunctional requirements are the underpinnings for building security-minded development teams, and when QA teams work hand in hand with the security team at the outset, it can be quite powerful.

In order to achieve the highest performance, organizations must view security as an integral part of good engineering, the same way as reliability, performance, resiliency and user-experience are viewed. NeuraLegion’s solutions fully integrate into your QA process, whether manual or automatic, to seamlessly deliver a complete picture of your software quality during the SDLC. Now, your QA teams can generate security reports, assign security bugs to your developers and enhance their security awareness, all on top of their current QA practices. Start doing your Application Security Testing as part of your QA today!