Mobile Application Security Testing

Reduce your risk of a breach by
identifying and eliminating critical
security vulnerabilities across your
mobile application with NeuraLegion’s
MAST expertise

Smartphones have changed the way we live our lives over the last ten years. With a billion users and more than twice that many applications, mobile usage has created a world where people conduct much of their lives and business online, on the go. We know you need to make sure your customers can use your mobile apps with confidence.

Mobile application security testing is an essential part of application security testing, but what if your team lacks the resources or skills to apply MAST effectively across your full mobile application portfolio.

NeuraLegion’s MAST enables you to systematically find and fix security vulnerabilities in your mobile applications.

Key Benefits

Complete mobile app coverage Secures your critical apps with industry leading mobile application security testing, scan for OWASP Top 10 technical vulnerabilities and more. SDLC integration AIAST technology integrates with CI/CD tools, making it easy to deploy and integrate into your systems. Scalability Scan any number of mobile applications without compromising. Comprehensiveness Get detailed reporting and remediation guidance.

Flexibility Our SaaS, easy-to-use solution empowers you to manage your assessments. Schedule tests, and make modifications as business requirements change and threats evolve. Verified, actionable results AIAST technology validates every vulnerability so you can focus your remediation efforts on verified findings with zero False Positives. Consistency. Get the same high-quality MAST results all the time for any mobile application.

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