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Application security is now a top priority for everyone from software architects, developers, QA to the CISO.

Manual testing processes are an expensive drain on resources, resulting in substantial delays and security compromises.

Automation is critical to overcome these limitations and to introduce comprehensive security testing throughout the SDLC.

NeuraLegion’s scalable cloud-based testing platform provides development teams with the most comprehensive testing automation, seamlessly integrating into the SDLC, enabling developers to rapidly find and fix vulnerabilities in their applications at the most most efficient time, without affecting agility and development velocity.

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DevSecOps with our AIAST® Technology

Immediate Cost Reductions Detect and fix early with NeuraLegion’s fast and intuitive AIAST® platform, automating application security testing in your DevOps, with unrivalled detection capabilities, providing you with instant DevSecOps, saving time, money and speeding up delivery Secure By Design With our suite of automated AIAST® products, easily achieve a ‘Secure by Design’ culture. Educate and empower developers with instant remediation guidelines to understand and fix vulnerabilities at the most cost-efficient time, delivering continuous ‘Secure Development Awareness Training’ on the go and secure development from the ground up Productive Collaboration, Made Simple Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) is optimised with automated build, integration and testing processes, where everyone knows their part to play in the DevOps workflow.

With NeuraLegion’s AIAST® platform, the responsibility of security is decentralised, delivering a culture of transparency and cooperation, both within and between teams. Actionable security information can be delegated to the relevant players in the DevOps process, collectively finding and fixing security problems faster, as a team. Reduced Analysis Time With Complete Security Visibility Continuous improvement and prioritising of DevOps processes requires measurable insights and is imperative for an efficient scalable deployment.

With our Zero false positive results, our suite of products dramatically reduce security analysis times, allowing you to scale your deployment as well as your security.