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Full application security.
Full automation.
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As the number and cost of data breaches continue to rise year-on-year, CISO’s are facing a continually difficult challenge of establishing and maintaining a robust strategy to protect their assets.

With inadequate AppSec testing, whether in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) or substandard pen-testing, your organisation is vulnerable to an attack, resulting in customer inconvenience (at best), potential loss of revenue, as well as reputational losses.

Optimizing a Secure SDLC and having the ability to perform automated pen-testing on demand by integrating tools that deliver automation, and not delays, will increase adoption, reduce vulnerabilities and facilitate compliance.

Integrate AppSec Testing automation into your organisation today!

Current security testing tools are only able to detect a limited number of vulnerabilities, having to be complimented by lengthy and costly manual testing to attempt to detect Business logic vulnerabilities and 0-Days, often without success.
NeuraLegion’s NEW generation AI powered solutions are redefining the application security testing market, providing the only solutions with full automation of the manual testing process, to detect even the most sophisticated of vulnerabilities, including Business Logic Flaws, at scale and at a fraction of the cost.



of web applications have security flaws or weaknesses that can be exploited


of apps have at least one flaw not covered by the OWASP Top 10