Don’t be a statistic….

As applications get evermore sophisticated, it is imperative to stay ahead of the cyber attacks and constantly keep up with new complex threats. NeuraLegion provides innovative AI powered solutions that ensure your applications are secure by design, mitigating your risks early to both known attacks, business logic attacks and 0-Days.
Most businesses today rely on applications for their day-to-day operations, including managing and storing an unprecedented amount of sensitive data. Cyber attacks on organisations are their largest threats and are a risk that needs to be mitigated to prevent considerable financial and reputational losses.

Mitigate Your Cyber Risk Now with AI Automation

The number of security breaches and the amount of data stolen globally continues to rise each year. Current security testing solutions are only able to detect a limited number of vulnerabilities, being complimented by lengthy and costly manual testing to attempt at detecting Business logic vulnerabilities and 0-Days, often without success.

NeuraLegion’s NEW generation AI powered solutions are redefining the application security testing market, with full automation of the manual testing process to detect even the most sophisticated of vulnerabilities, including Business Logic Flaws, at scale ans at a fraction of the cost.


data records get stolen from companies every hour.


Data records were stolen in the last 5 years