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Penetration Testing
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In today’s technology-driven world, organizations are highly dependent on applications to ensure the day-to-day running of their business, investing heavily to create the best websites and web-applications.

Applications are however continually at risk of being probed, attacked or manipulated from anywhere, at any time by malicious hackers, resulting in application and software security increasingly becoming one of the most pressing issues facing any organisation today.

Application Penetration Testing is an “ethical attack”, intended to reveal the effectiveness of an application’s security controls by detecting and highlighting security risks posed by exploitable vulnerabilities.

Enjoy the advantages of our AIAST®
technology at an affordable price
through our network of PT partners

We understand that your organisation may not have the budget, internal resource or capability to implement a successful and comprehensive SDLC security strategy and penetration testing can be a lengthy and costly process.

To assist organisations of all sizes and maturity, we have built a global network of trusted PT partners that use our AIAST® technology to deliver their services.

Our PT partners are an excellent choice to provide you with a security team to ensure your systems are secure while still driving business results.