Increase your profits, not your Headcount

Manual Penetration Testing is the most time consuming and costly aspect for a Security Service Provider. As the industry leading PenTesting platform, NexPT’s AI powered engine allows you to automate and scale the detection of known, Zero-Day & Business-Logic vulnerabilities, on par with manual testing, doing the work of a team of ethical hackers. Delivering real-time, False-Positive FREE reports, a single scan with NexPT is equivalent to several days of manual testing. Minimize costs and maximize profits by fully automating your manual bottleneck, freeing up your time to focus on growing your business.

Scale Your Business

NexPT delivers an immediate ROI with its scalable and profitable platform. Specifically designed for consulting and security testing service providers, our session based model means you only pay for what you need, minimising your costs and maximizing your profit with attractive margins.

Achieve more, for less

Generate fully customisable, detailed and branded False-Positive FREE reports in seconds, with executive summaries detailing compliance and cyber posture, as well as comprehensive technical data.

NexPT Automated Application Penetration Testing At Scale

Learn how you can empower your PenTester teams, improving your profits with NexPT.


“As a cloud service provider, it is our responsibility to deliver stable, secure web applications to our customers. With NexPT, we managed to reduce costs and increase productivity at the same time. Not only that, but we were able to evolve as a business and generate additional revenue streams by offering our customers PT services, which we were not focussing on before. NexPT made it easy, and profitable, for us to enhance our services portfolio.”

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Grow Your Profits, Not Your Headcount

A single scan with NexPT is equivalent to several days of manual testing, performed by an experienced PenTester! With NexPT, you can stay focused on growing your business, not on chasing vulnerabilities or manually writing reports.

Penetration Testing

Without NexPT

- Testing requires significant experience

- Manual 0day detection

- Manual Business-Logic flaw detection

- Testing can take weeks

- Reports are prepared manually

With NexPT

- Testing is simple to do with no learning curve

- Fully automated 0day detection

- Fully automated Business-Logic flaw detection

- Testing takes minutes to hours

- Fully automated reports

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