Immediate Pinpoint Accuracy

Code instrumentation with our smart agent pinpoints the exact line of code where a vulnerability has been detected, empowering your DevOps to remediate faster than ever.

Minimise your Risk with Unrivalled Vulnerability Detection

Detect the technical OWASP Top 10 Plus as well as some 0days with our continually updated proprietary knowledge base of 0day vulnerabilities, detected by NeuraLegion’s AIAST™ technology across our client portfolio. Minimise your risk and fix faster with the most comprehensive and accurate IAST solution on the market.

The ONLY False-Positive Free Solution

As the only solution to offer real-time, false positive free reporting of your vulnerabilities, you can fix faster and minimise risk, with immediate automation and scalability of your security testing,

Enhance Your Compliance Posture

Simplify your compliance validation process with NexIAST’s comprehensive and accurate testing. The instant reports of identified vulnerabilities accelerate your confirmation process and decreases your exposure to exploitable vulnerabilities, making it easier than ever before to stay up to standard of OWASP Top 10 technical vulnerabilities, ISO/IEC 27001, PCI DSS, CWE/SANS and more.

NexIAST Agile Application Security Testing, Providing Pinpoint Accuracy At Scale

Learn how you can empower your development to the highest security compliance standards, without compromising on speed or agility. Easily identify and remediate vulnerabilities from the OWASP Top 10, PCI DSS, CWE/SANS and more.


"Using NexIAST was so simple, that we could even initiate a scan ourselves without any prior security training. The report we got was simple to understand, concise, yet comprehensive, with the exact line of code identified where our issues were. It was very easy for us to validate our security ourselves and bring the results to our vendors to make sure the vulnerabilities they missed were taken care of."

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Stay safe from costly data breaches

2018 was a record year in data breaches with more than 4 billion lost records, and it only gets worse. Stay on the safe side and ahead of attackers with NexIAST.

Finding Vulnerabilities in Applications

Before NexIAST

- Requires security expertise

- Manual process

- Results can take weeks

- Many false positives

- Vulnerability location in the code is determined manually

- Remediation suggestions require consultation services

With NexIAST

- Anyone can do it

- Fully automated process

- Results take minutes to hours

- ZERO false positives

- Instant code instrumentation to pinpoint vulnerability location

- Instant remediation suggestions

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