Detect More & Reduce Risk with Unrivalled Vulnerability Detection

Unlike other DAST solutions, that are only able to detect known vulnerabilities from manually updated lists, NexDAST also calls upon our continually updated proprietary knowledge base of 0day vulnerabilities detected by NeuraLegion’s AIAST™ technology across our client portfolio, delivering the most comprehensive DAST solution on the market, minimising your risk.

Save time and money with the ONLY False-Positive Free Solution

Fix faster and minimise risk with the only solution to offer real-time, false positive free reporting of your vulnerabilities, delivering immediate automation and scalability of your security testing, without loosing development speed or agility.

Highest Compliance Standards, On Demand

NexDAST will provide you with comprehensive testing, simplifying your compliance validation process, as well as instant reports of identified vulnerabilities, accelerating your confirmation process. With NexDAST it is easier than ever before to stay up to standard of OWASP Top 10 technical vulnerabilities, ISO, PCI and more.

NexDAST - Agile Application Security Testing At Scale

Learn how you can empower your development to the highest security compliance standards, without compromising on speed or agility. Easily identify and remediate vulnerabilities from the OWASP Top 10, PCI DSS, CWE/SANS and more.

"NexDAST was by far the most user-friendly and efficient solution we have used, offering us above and beyond what other DAST solutions did. We were able to save a lot of time and money on the compliance process, which is usually a lengthy, demanding and expensive process."

Stay safe from costly data breaches

Stay safe from costly data breaches – 2018 was a record year in data breaches with more than 4 billion lost records, and it only gets worse. Stay on the safe side and ahead of attackers with NexDAST – New Generation, AI-powered Dynamic Application Security Testing.

Finding Vulnerabilities in Applications

Before NexDAST

- 1 week process, Manually

- False Positives

With NexDAST

- Few hours process, fully automated

- ZERO False Positives

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