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As well as finding all the OWASP Top 10 Plus technical vulnerabilities in your applications, NexPloit’s AI engine automatically detects unknown Zero-Day and Business-Logic Flow vulnerabilities, reducing lengthy and costly manual testing, saving you time and money with False Positive FREE reporting and remediation guidelines.

Automate & Scale With Security Testing At The Speed Of DevOps

NexPloit seamlessly integrates into your SDLC. As the only solution that has automated the detection of 0days, our False-Positive Free reports are generated in real-time, with pinpoint code instrumentation, empowering your DevOps to the highest security standards, without loosing development speed or agility.

Highest Compliance Standards

NexPloit will provide you with comprehensive testing, simplifying your compliance validation process, as well as instant reports of identified vulnerabilities, accelerating your confirmation process. With NexPloit it is easier than ever before to stay up to standard of OWASP Top 10 technical vulnerabilities, ISO/IEC 27001, PCI DSS, CWE/SANS and more.

NexPloit The Most Comprehensive Application Security Testing At Scale

The only solution that automates your Zero-Day & Business-Logic vulnerability detection, replacing manual testing. Don’t compromise on development speed or agility, saving time and money with early detection and remediation.

"NexPloit provides our development teams with the most comprehensive testing solution. Using one solution instead of four, whilst being able to detect more, with no false positives, delivers us the automation we craved and less reliance on costly and lengthy manual testing."

Stay safe from costly data breaches

2018 was a record year in data breaches with more than 4 billion lost records, and it only gets worse. Stay on the safe side and ahead of attackers with NexPloit.

Finding 0 day & Business-Logic Vulnerabilities in Applications

Before NexPloit

- Requires security expertise

- Results can take weeks

- Many false positives

- Manual 0Day & Business-Logic flow vulnerabilities detection

- Remediation suggestions require consultation services

After NexPloit

- Anyone can do it

- Results take minutes to hours

- ZERO false positives

- Automated 0Day & Business-Logic flow vulnerabilities detection

- Instant remediation suggestions

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