Industry Leading Fuzzing, Made Simple

NexFuzz is the world’s first AI powered smart fuzzer that, using an active approach with reinforcement learning and evolution strategies, generates specifically targeted and constantly evolving malicious scenarios. By automatically executing and validating these malicious scenarios, NexFuzz detects unknown Zero-Day vulnerabilities on par with a human hacker, saving you time and money with False Positive FREE reporting and remediation guidelines.

Automated Zero-Day Detection At The Speed Of DevOps

NexFuzz seamlessly integrates to your SDLC, making the development of secure software a simple and efficient process. False-Positive Free reports are generated in real-time, empowering your DevOps to the highest security standards, without loosing development speed or agility.

NexFuzz A World Leader In AI Powered Smart Fuzzing

Learn how you can stay ahead, finding your 0-days during development, releasing better and more secure software, faster and cheaper


“NexFuzz has detected vulnerabilities that were previously missed by our other tools and more importantly, our manual testing. The integration into the SDLC provides full automation, enhancing DevSecOps and has so far delivered an immediate ROI. ”

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Hackers Are Using AI Against You, Time To Join The Club

AI based techniques are already used by malicious actors and their adoption is rising at an alarming rate. Stay in the game by using AI powered Fuzzing before it is used on you.

Finding 0 Day Vulnerabilities in Applications

Before NexFuzz

- Requires extensive security expertise & constant learning

- Manual process with inconsistent results

- Lengthy and expensive process, hence performed scarcely

After NexFuzz

- Requires no expertise & self-learning

- Fully automated with consistent results

- Fast and efficient process, performed on demand

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