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As well as finding all the technical OWASP Top 10 Plus vulnerabilities in your applications, NexPloit’s AI engine automatically detects unknown Zero-Day and Business-Logic Flow vulnerabilities, replacing lengthy and costly manual testing, saving you time and money with False Positive FREE reporting and remediation guidelines.

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API Security Testing with NexDAST

NexDAST was purpose built from the ground up to support both SOAP & REST APIs. With NexDAST you can immediately upload your Postman collections or Swagger files and get immediate feedback on your security vulnerabilities on every build. Besides parsing the API documentation we also do a deeper analysis of every entry point and parameter allowing us to both increase the speed of the scans and have more accurate attacks.

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Unlike other DAST solutions, that are only able to detect known vulnerabilities from manually updated lists, NexDAST also calls upon our continually updated proprietary knowledge base of 0-day vulnerabilities detected by NeuraLegion’s AIAST™ technology across our client portfolio, delivering the most comprehensive DAST solution on the market, minimizing your risk.

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