The Referral Games

Will you refer the most developers to a NexPloit account, to win $75 per month…?
The Referral Games have started, yes, we want it to be a fun company wide competition, but we want everyone to play their part to get the message out there and try to drive sign-ups and adoption. 
As mentioned, we will be tracking all the links and updating the leaderboard with sign-ups etc and announcing the monthly winners!
See here the presentation deck. Click here to watch the recording of the session today, Passcode: q#Aj8mvj
This is an important GTM focus for us; your help and efforts are as important.
Next Steps:
  • Go to
  • Generate your personalised referral link
  • Start promoting
    • Start reaching out to your network
    • Pull those favours in
    • Post on your social and business networks (Discord / Twitter etc)
  • If you have any friends/contacts that work in a larger team, I am happy to be intro’d and to discuss further with their managers to scale
  • Tip:
    • Private reach out is optimal
    • Map out people that you know, that you can have a quick call or message conversation with
      • friends (of friends)
      • previous colleagues / clients
    • Talk to them about our technology, our free account and the benefits of using it
      • make their products more secure
      • makes their (developers) job easier, finding and fixing issues early without slowing them down
      • Get kudos at work for proactively recommending / using a free tool for automation, efficiency and security 
      • Ask your friends to spread the message – conversations are more successful..!
  • Please note, when sharing a link to the NeuraLegion website, please use the following:
To help, see below an example email / message you can use for this – add or remove what you feel works best:
Example 1
As we discussed, I work at NeuraLegion. We’ve made security testing easy for developers. Integrate our innovative security testing scanner into your pipeline to quickly and accurately test every build / commit or merge for security vulnerabilities, with NO false positives.
You and your team can sign up for a FREE account using this link [HYPERLINK WITH YOUR PERSONALISED REFERRAL LINK] and start testing your applications, websites and APIs. 
Follow the quick-step wizard that takes you through the simple set up process and be up and scanning in minutes! 

Key features include:

  • No false positives – trust the results
  • Test Web Apps and APIs – upload your HAR / Swagger / Postman files
  • Built for developers – yaml config, stay in your environment, automatic scan optimisations, focussed remediation advice
  • Seamless integration – built for DevOps / CI/CD, plug and play integration with GitHub, Jenkins, CircleCI, JIRA and more

If you have any questions, let me know and check-out our knowledge base.

Please let me know once you start using the platform and share the link with your colleagues and friends!
Example 2 – e.g. on a Discord Server, amend this to put on socials
Hey Everyone
My name is XXXXX and I work as a XXXXX at NeuraLegion – AppSec testing automation for developers. 
We’ve opened up our platform with a FREE tier account, so you can start testing your applications and APIs for security vulnerabilities as part of your CI
You and your team can sign up for a FREE account using this link [HYPERLINK WITH YOUR PERSONALISED REFERRAL LINK]
Let me know how you get on. Feedback always appreciated.
Questions?  Check-out our knowledge base or reach out to me

Dear Legion, it’s a war out there and we need your help! 

We need more developers signing up for our FREE account and using our tool..!

We need to work together and collectively to make this happen…and quickly!

Enter your name in the box below to generate your personalized sign-up link, to share with everyone and anyone you know that can use it!

Each referral that signs up to a FREE account USING YOUR LINK will get you a point. At the end of each month, the person with the most points that month will get $75..!

The person with the most referrals after 3 months will get a $200 bonus..!

Do it for the money
Do it for your pride
Do it for the kudos you will get 

The leaderboard will be updated on a daily basis.

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!




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