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NeuraLegion helps corporations meet specific security compliance standards such as PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and other regulatory mandates. Our cost-effective, scalable solution reports on application vulnerabilities and offers way to remediate them in real-time. Through speed, automation, and integration, NeuraLegion helps to streamline compliance practices and costs while reducing operating expenses. The risks involved with non-compliance can be significant including penalties, lawsuits, and erosion of a company’s brand image and trust. Legacy tools do not deliver actionable insights or remediation guidance.


Who can We assist with compliance?

QA, R&D and operations teams that need to move fast and deliver compliant software without being overburdened by regulatory requirements and changes.
CISOs who must comply with laws, industry regulations and mandates, have to own the tools, processes and the ability to meet their corporate compliance requirements.
IT risk management, audit & compliance teams taking an innovative approach to anticipate and mitigate risk to drive business performance.