Bar Yalla Convention Speech

NeuraLegion’s CTO speaking at Yalla DevOps | NeuraLegion

We are happy to announce that our Co-Founder and CTO Bar Hofesh, will be presenting as part of the DevSecOps technical track at the Yalla DevOps event, in association with JFrog, on the 24th September 2019 in Herzliya, Israel.
This is the first event of its kind and we look forward to being a part of this inaugural event!

In today’s rapid development and release cycles, there is an even greater need for AppSec testing automation that does not impact the development velocity, whilst also providing comprehensive testing – manual testing and legacy tools just don’t cut it.

Bar will be discussing the current climate and technological advancements in this space, as well as highlighting how our AIAST technology is already enhancing DevSecOps environments and how easy it is for organizations to achieve the level of automation they require.

For the growing DevOps community in Israel and beyond, Yalla DevOps is the must-go event where developers, engineers, and business leaders from top companies, industries and start-ups network and share best practices for software delivery success. Technical breakout sessions offer hands-on solutions to real-world problems of wrangling complex software, while keynote speakers inspire bold new ways to consider DevOps, Security, and Distribution. Learn from the failures and triumphs of your peers, we prepare you for the next round of innovation. You won’t want to miss it!

Visit the Yalla DevOps Website for a copy of the agenda and more information about the event.

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