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AppSec Testing

Top 5 ways WordPress websites get hacked

WordPress has many advantages and is not without reason the most popular way to build a website, with 60% of pages on...


AppSec Testing

WebSocket Security: Top 7 WebSocket Vulnerabilities

The basics Why are WebSockets popular today? Because they greatly simplify the communication between a client and a s...


AppSec Testing

Best ways to test Microservices Security

The use of microservices results in many new, open and vulnerable connections. Microservices expose endpoints which a...


AppSec Testing

The ever-present threat of Magecart attacks

Do you know what “skimming” is? It’s a method that hackers use to gather sensitive information in online payment foru...


AppSec Testing

Vulnerabilities, Cyber Threats, Threat Actors and Risks

There is a never-ending discussion about the terminology around Threat Modeling. In order to have control over data s...


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Get the Latest Application Security News and Content

AppSec Testing

Why are SAST solutions not always the best option for AST?

There are many methodologies you can use to detect application vulnerabilities. One of the most common methodologies ...


AppSec Testing

The rising importance of API Security

Why is API Security important? Today we’ll be discussing the ever-rising importance of API security, but first, let’s...


AppSec Testing

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

What is Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)? Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) is an Application Se...


AppSec Testing

Software vulnerability risks in the DevOps era

Accelerated software development means less time spent on security Time to market is everything. In today’s industry,...


AppSec Testing

Data Breaches Due to Exposed Databases

As we wrap up our posts for 2019 we thought we would recap the “joy” of some significant breaches that happened in th...


AppSec Testing

Shifting Left - The importance of implementing application Security Throughout the SDLC

Developers and students have to be told to pay attention to security Recent studies show that developers do not activ...


AppSec Testing

Resurgence of DAST for SDLC Integration and Scan Automation

Dynamic application security testing – DAST is one of the oldest automated application security testing techniq...


AppSec Testing

Cybersecurity In the Era of Industry 4.0

In the era referred to as ‘Industry 4.0’ or ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution,’ two of the pillars of the technology ...


AppSec Testing

The Top 5 Challenges of Microservices Security

Over the past few years, the development and deployment of microservices have become the leading method of applicatio...


AppSec Testing

The History and Future of Artificial Intelligence in Application Security

In today’s world, due to the ever-growing and accelerating amount of the data that needs to be tested and it’s comple...


AppSec Testing

The Cost of a Data Breach and Latest Statistics

The Average Cost of a Data Breach For the 14th year, IBM and the Ponemon Institute have released their annual “Cost o...


AppSec Testing

Security Awareness Training - How to Embrace Security Awareness Inside Your Company

As the cost of insecure applications grows more and more evident by the day, are we doing everything we can and shoul...


AppSec Testing

10 Most Important Things a CTO Needs To Know About Application Security

This article takes a look at the top 10 things a CTO needs to know about application security in order to motivate an...


AppSec Testing

DevSecOps - Make smarter decisions about your application’s security

Writing secure code is becoming a greater challenge every day. Even the largest multinational companies that attract ...


AppSec Testing

The Art of Fuzzing

There are several methodologies you can use to find vulnerabilities in your applications, each method coming with its...