What is a Security Champion and Why You Need One

Oliver Moradov
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While a security culture for a successful DevOps and AppSec programme is important, to succeed, security needs to be top of mind for everyone across your pipeline. 

Your developers, QA and security teams must have a close working partnership to break down silos and improve security knowledge.

One effective way to achieve this is to create security champions to act as the voice of security across your teams.

What is a security champion and what do they do?

With the ratio of developers to security professionals being ~50:1 respectively, your security team is, to put it mildly, spread thin – they simply cannot make up for the lack of security experience of your developers, nor provide the security coverage your developers require as a consequence.

A security champion can help bridge this gap, by evangelizing, managing and enforcing the security posture with your development team(s) acting as an extended member of the security team.

Their responsibilities include:

Being in the Know – knowledge is key and your security champion will benefit from ongoing training to keep up-to-date with the latest practices, methodologies and tooling to share this knowledge.

Raising Awareness – disseminating security best practices, raising and maintaining continual security awareness around issues / threats with the development organization and answering security related questions

Being Part of Security – performing scans for security issues and being the go between to escalate issues for review by the security team, helping with QA and testing. This will also enable them to be involved in risk and threat assessments, as well as architectural and tooling reviews to identify opportunities to remediate security issues early. 

Getting and Maintaining Buy-In – Intrinsic to the project and speaking the developers’ language, your security champion can get their colleagues’ buy-in by communicating security issues in a way they understand, to produce secure products early in the SDLC. This increases the effectiveness and efficiency of your AppSec program while strengthening relationships across multifunctional teams, while minimizing the security testing bottlenecks further downstream, so your security team can focus on other critical tasks.

Collaboration – Connecting and partnering with other security champions and players, attending weekly meetings to share ideas and tips whilst assisting in making security decisions

Do you already have a security champion in the making?

It is likely that the perfect candidate for a security champion is already part of your team. They are a colleague who is involved with and familiar with your product(s) while showing an interest in security issues. They could be a developer, QA, architect, or DevOps colleague.

They don’t need to be senior, but management needs to see the value in having a security champion to provide them the right support. Extra work will be required so having a willing ‘volunteer’ with a keen interest in the role is important to ensure they are effective and stay engaged.

Get Your Security Champion Programme Started today!

Some key aspects to consider to help build your security champion programme in your organisation include:

Management buy-in

This is the most critical aspect, as without it, you are likely to fail. Management, along with security and engineering managers will need to invest time, money and resources to ensure security champions are effective, but the benefits will soon outweigh the investment

Define and Track success

Security needs to be a fundamental KPI and the efficacy of the Security Champion, and the efficiencies they bring to the security team and DevOps pipeline, all need to be tracked to evaluate the ROI of the program

Training and Education

A security champion can’t be expected to know everything…at least not initially. Build on their willingness to be part of the solution, by leveraging your internal security experts to define issues they want the security champion to manage. Provide the knowledge they will need to start reviewing products for issues early and pass on best practices to the development team, freeing up your security team

The Right Tooling

Consolidating your tooling, so your developers, security champion, QA and security team are able to use, understand the output of and effectively collaborate to remediate issues early is important. You need security tools that are developer friendly and dead accurate while providing comprehensive security compliance on every build to enable you to shift security testing left, coordinated by your security champion.

NeuraLegion’s Application Security Testing automation platform can help you achieve these goals. Contact us today to learn how our clients are achieving this success or request a demo.

Integrate Automated Security Testing across the CI/CD.

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