Using Checkmarx SCA? Complete your AppSec testing Automation, with NeuraLegion

Nera Bešić
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The shift to rapid, frequent deployments over the past decade left application security behind. However, in recent years security is starting to catch up. Leading companies are now integrating security testing into CI & CD, running automated tests with every commit, and fixing bugs long before they hit production.

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) and developer-centric DAST enable this and are easily achieved by combining Checkmarx and NeuraLegion.  Different types of automated security testing tools are required across your pipeline to produce APIs and applications that are secure by design. Don’t stop with securing 3rd party code, make sure you secure 1st party code as well.

How does developer-focused DAST augment  SCA and make you more secure?

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) 

SCA is a set of technologies that analyze the application’s open-source components tied together. 

As the analyzed code is transparent and available to the tool, SCA offers accuracy when it comes to recognizing flaws in the code by detecting the exact line of code that needs remediation reducing the remediation time and effort for developers.

For organizations using open-source, SCA like Checkmarx should definitely be used to achieve some level of security, but is it enough?

Dynamic Application Security Testing  (DAST)

Although SCA can detect many vulnerabilities, everything they identify is in open-source components third-party libraries and do not cover 1st party code that you develop within your organization. 1st party code represents more than 60% of code for most organizations.. 

Being a black-box solution, DAST interacts with the app from the outside. DAST tests the application’s and API’s defense against techniques that a hacker might use while trying to exploit your application. Because of DAST’s language independence, you won’t have problems integrating a DAST tool into a CI/CD pipeline. 

So, which technology should you focus on and why?

Checkmarx SCA & NeuraLegion DAST – Complete Developer-Centric AppSec Testing

To be secure by design and ensure you are shipping secure applications and APIs to production, SCA like Checkmarx and NeuraLegion’s automated DAST should be used to complement each other. If you combine these two powerful and modern tools you can detect even 0-day vulnerabilities.

Checkmarx’s SCA gets you visibility of your open source vulnerabilities that may underpin your applications.

NeuraLegion’s NexDAST enhances DevSecOps at its core, with a Dev First approach to test your applications and APIs (SOAP, REST, GraphQL). Test every build and get results you can trust, with automatically validated results free from false positives and developer-friendly remediation guidelines.

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