HTTP Request Smuggling (HRS) Explained

Most modern websites are forced to use a cluster of servers to deliver a better user experience. Website users can’t see that implementation and they

AppSec Testing


In our last post we talked about SAST solutions and why they are not always the best  solution for AST. In this blog post, we


NeuraLegion is now ISO 27701 Certified!

We at NeuraLegion are very proud to announce that we have been awarded the accredited certification on ISO 27701, the international standard on data privacy.


What is A SSRF Attack?

Intro Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) attacks allow an attacker to make requests to any domains through a vulnerable server. Usually, attackers make the server connect


How DOM XSS Attacks work

According to various research and studies, up to 50% of websites are vulnerable to DOM Based XSS vulnerabilities. Security researchers detected DOM XSS issues even


My first-time RSA experience

Last week I attended my first RSA Conference in San Francisco representing NeuraLegion. I wanted to share my impressions and thoughts as a first-timer at

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