10 Most Important Things a CTO...

This article takes a look at the top 10 things a CTO needs to know about application security in order to motivate and grow the maturity of the development environment towards a strong application security posture. Business models are evolving to tackle the ever-growing challenges of cybersecurity risk and the numerous threats and attack vectors […]

9/11/19, 10:04 AM

Introducing our NEW Website and NEW...

Our NEW Website…..our NEW Product range…your automated AppSec testing platform has got even better..! With a fresh new user experience, our new website mimics our expanding role as the most innovative and disruptive Application Security Testing platform on the market, powered by AI..! With advanced features like streamlined navigation and intuitive functionality, our new site […]

9/3/19, 9:38 AM

DevSecOps - Make smarter decisions about...

Writing secure code is becoming a greater challenge every day. Even the largest multinational companies that attract the best developers from all around the world, face the same problem. They are suffering vulnerabilities in their code, from SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, to backdoors. Security is a broad field and one that is difficult to keep […]

8/30/19, 10:55 AM

Meet Us at Cybertech Europe 2019..!

Cybertech is the most important conference and exhibition for cyber technologies outside of the United States, conducting industry-related events all around the globe We will be exhibiting at CyberTech Europe 2019 from 24-25 September in Rome, Italy. We look forward to meeting with our current Italian partners and clients and engaging with new ones, strengthening […]

8/29/19, 8:38 AM

NeuraLegion’s CTO speaking at Yalla DevOps

We are happy to announce that our Co-Founder and CTO Bar Hofesh, will be presenting as part of the DevSecOps technical track at the Yalla DevOps event, in association with JFrog, on the 24th September 2019 in Herzliya, Israel.This is the first event of its kind and we look forward to being a part of […]

8/20/19, 1:03 PM

What Is a Fuzzer and What...

Fuzzing is the art of automatic bug detection,  used for assessing the security and stability of applications and software. Fuzzers send invalid, unexpected, random data to the targeted application’s input points in order to stress the application to cause unexpected behavior, resource leaks, or even a crash. Why Should you Fuzz Your Applications? The dramatic […]

7/19/19, 10:17 AM