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You want the most comprehensive application security testing tool on the market, but it’s a bit hard to deal with today’s constantly evolving new technologies?

Easily integrate NeuraLegion’s Application Security Testing Solution that seamlessly fits your existing workflows to discover and remediate security issues early, before they see the day of light in production!

It’s time to think about the right measures and take action to automate your security processes!


Automate application security testing to save hundreds of hours of manual work!

Whether you do it externally, or internally, manual security testing is an expensive and time consuming process. More and more companies look to replace it with automated application security testing solutions.

NeuraLegion's reporting library includes comprehensive reports for executives as well as several compliance report templates regulatory mandates.


Leumit Healthcare Implements NexDAST to Improve Application Security at Lower Cost

Liav Orr


The ability of NexDAST to expose vulnerabilities and provide my organization (the cyber department) a neutral viewpoint of our organization while providing detailed reports about each and every vulnerability identified makes my life as a CISO much easier. In addition, working with NexDAST our developers and systems department have much more information and guidance on how to deal and quickly fix issues.

Scale up efforts and set the new standard of integrating security into modern development!