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NeuraLegion’s intuitive cloud-based Application Security Testing platform provides the most comprehensive testing automation, seamlessly integrating into the Software Development Life Cycle!

Enhance DevSecOps by enabling everyone involved in the process to fully automate by identifying and fixing vulnerabilities at the most efficient time, without affecting development velocity!

Scale up efforts and set the new standard of integrating security into modern development!


Built to Fit Your CI/CD
Workflows, for instant DevSecOps!

flow-image mobile-flow-image

In every scan report, NeuraLegion provides proof of exploit and remediation guidelines for engineers on how to fix each detected Vulnerability.

Forget about false positives and alert fatigue!

How much time did you waste sifting through false positives, or fixing non-inexistent security issues that were incorrectly reported by an automated application scanner?

Our results are False-Positive Free
(yes, we said it and we stand by it), so you can relax and forget about that frustration!

Never waste precious time again fixing something that doesn’t really need to be fixed.


Comprehensive security at the speed of DevOps

How? Our cloud-based platform interacts with applications & APIs, instead of crawling them.

Scans are faster and our AI-powered engine can understand the application’s architecture and generate very sophisticated & targeted attacks.


Herjavec Group Improves Application Security with Greater Speed & at Lower Cost with NexPloit

Bobby Kuzma

CISSP Practice Director, Security Assessment & Testing

We’re ecstatic to partner with NeuraLegion. The NexPloit technology was simple to deploy and integrate into our customer engagements and began showing immediate value. Nexploit has reduced the amount of wall clock hours AND man hours we used to spend doing preliminary scans on applications by about 70%. If you’re doing appsec, and doing a lot of it, you need to look at NexPloit.

Integrate into any development
or staging environment

What then you ask? Let engineers follow the best practices they already know and love without having to leave their development environment!