AI-powered Application Security Testing

Seamlessly adding Application Security into the DevOps process

NeuraLegion seamlessly integrates application security into SDLC, enhancing DevSecOps.
Our intuitive, scalable platform enables everyone involved in the process to fully automate
application security testing & release faster.

Intuitive & fully automated solution

Simple and easy to use, start scanning any target in seconds

Hackers at your

Invents new attack scenarios unique to your app to identify 0days

False-positive free reports

Immediate actionable results save you valuable time & money

Trusted across
the globe

Our solution helps businesses of any size and industry

A high level of automation provides you immediate scan results with a prioritized list of issued vulnerabilities - including NO false positives.

This approach eliminates the huge shortage of security personnel, allowing your team to remediate vulnerabilities straight away - scale up efforts and set the new standard of integrating security into modern development.

Incorporate a single platform across your entire application portfolio

By using NeuraLegion's solutions, you make sure all your apps are rock-solid and secure, regardless of used technology.

Our solutions test for vulnerabilities in everything from web apps to IoT devices, including APIs, Web Sockets, Microservices, and Mobile Applications.

API Security Testing with NexDAST